Look Inside Donald Trump's $100 Million, Gold-Plated 757 Jet

Yards of silk and the Trump family crest decorate the candidate's bedroom on his aircraft.

Although Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump describes himself as a billionaire, this election cycle has churned documents and doubts about his actual net worth. White the specifics are up for debate, Trump certainly has at least one of the major material trappings of a billionaire businessman: a $100 million 757 jet.

According to an inside tour provided by The Apprentice's Amanda Miller and shared on Trump’s YouTube channel, the 757 fits 43 passengers, has a range of approximately 16 hours, and flies at speeds above 500 miles per hour. It’s powered by Rolls-Royce engines.

The plane’s first-class sleeper area has 24-karat gold-plated seat belts; other details and fixtures throughout the plane are also done in 24-karat gold. Each sleeper seat has an audiovisual system, including TVs fed with the various video sources available on the jet.

The dining area has white plush seating.

The main lounge has a theater system with 57-inch screen and a Hollywood-quality sound system. The movie system has DVD direct storage of 1,000 titles, and 2,500 CDs on demand throughout the cabin. The system also has an interactive touch screen allowing full control of the system and all rooms wirelessly from anywhere in the plane.

The guest room is completely wrapped in wood, and features its own theater system. A mohair divan converts into a full-size bed for longer trips.

Now onto Trump’s own bedroom: It features yards and yards of gold silk adorning the cabin walls. A custom headboard and comforter complement the look. The room also features a custom theater, and custom-designed pillows embroidered with the Trump family crest coordinate with details like the headrests on the aircraft. 

The master bathroom has a shower and 24-karat gold-plated sink.

And the flight deck has been upgraded to a state-of-the-art flat panel glass display. 

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