Madison Hildebrand

Madison talks about Josh's creepy client and opens up about his sexuality.

on Oct 19, 2009


Emotional, surprising and funny is how I describe episode two. My two female clients, Laura and Kim, have very strong personalities and they mean business in this episode. It was a total shock when Laura accepted that offer over the phone for $3,000,000! I feel like the scene was so much bigger in real life then it actually played out on television. Heather and I were ecstatic; we even did a little dance in the office. I was happy for Laura because she really wanted to be done with the “for sale” process.

Can we talk about my assistant, Heather, in this episode. She looked so beautiful in her heels with her sexy self.

Then we have Kim and her recently finished remodel, which took so much time, we saw the market come and go. Kim’s timing was tough because she completed the home smack dab in the middle of what I call the “frozen period” of real estate. She was in such denial and there was nothing I could say or do to have her see it any other way, but her home was simply not worth what she wanted. She even called her numerologist in a futile attempt to convince someone, anyone but me, that her home was worth three million dollars. That is one of the most frustrating things about this market; some clients refuse to accept the reality. You saw me tell her point blank with a stack of comparables in my hand. Most of the time I end up watching their home’s value slip away with time. It is unfortunate.

Enough business chatter…let’s get on with the story about Josh’s client asking for the tenant’s girlfriend in exchange for his house. Easy tiger, seriously, just the one request was prodding the boundaries of “creepy," but with three attempts you certainly qualify as desperate and weird. But it makes great television - without that scene, it would have been boring, right?