Madison Hildebrand

Madison talks economy, his history with Josh and Chad, and toliet seat obsessions!

on Oct 12, 2009


Wow! From the opening of the show all the way to the emotional ending I was on the edge of my big comfortable couch. I watched the first episode alone, as I always do, and then I called my brother and friends over to see it. It is so exciting and such a reward to see the finished product after 10 months of filming. From a technical side, the HD quality, the camera angles and the music are all superb.

This season is filled with eccentric clients who don't hold back under pressure, and pressure we are feeling. This was a challenging year given the economic situation - yes, even out in Malibu and Beverly Hills. We were not so recession-proof and our clients were certainly feeling the pinch. There were many, many uncomfortable moments for me this season due to the added stress of my clients, but part of my job is to keep the emotion out of the process, and you see me try to juggle that even in the first episode with my client Laura, the sex author.

Also, it was great to see what Chad and Josh filmed and did this season, as I don't always know what they are up to while we are taping. I have to say Josh's table dance during the negotiation was hysterical, and Chad's Russian laser lady made it all bearable to watch his agony. Still laughing. People always ask me if I "knew Chad and Josh from before". The answer is yes. This town (LA) is big, but so small at the same time. Josh, Chad, and I are in the same industry, so LA only becomes even smaller. And let's face it, neither one of them likes to go unnoticed.