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Madison Hildebrand

A Shared Vision

March 29, 2011 • 6:53 PM ET
It was with much excitement that I watched this finale episode. I feel happy and sad as it is has been my favorite season so far! The situations and clientele were so entertaining, so LA, so our reality. I feel like I have stayed true to myself,...
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Million Dollar Soap Opera

March 22, 2011 • 4:08 PM ET
The season is winding down, the tension is heating up, but all I want to do is sell real estate. Somehow I am involved in a soap opera series now that Altman and Heather continue to date. Yes, I have accepted it -- She is her own woman and can...
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Just Because I'm Gay...

March 18, 2011 • 12:24 PM ET
  Well, well, well the moment we have all been waiting for-- this "fight scene" between Altman and myself. I was nervous to see how this played out, but I think it showed fairly accurately. I am not sure any of it was justified, but sometimes...
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Pleasure Principle

March 8, 2011 • 12:24 PM ET
  Mixing business and pleasure is my credo, but Heather and Josh Altman's romance might be crossing the line. As my Grandma told me, you can pay her salary, but you don't have the power of pillow talk. This whole situation is obviously making...
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Showdown: Round One

March 3, 2011 • 1:30 PM ET
How romantic... Josh Altman pulls out all the stops to impress my assistant Heather. It turns out, she was impressed and decided to plant one on him. I saw sparks, did you? It was quite entertaining to watch the two of them fidget around while...
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Melons and Money

February 24, 2011 • 10:53 AM ET
  Business and pleasure together, that's how I roll. Dr. Shah and I have been friends for about five years. He is one of the top plastic surgeons in California and also one of the most laid back, intelligent people I know.  Working with...
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On to the Next

February 17, 2011 • 11:05 AM ET
Another dose of Ismir's abruptness. Can you believe this is for real? Even the other agent, Burt was looking at him like he was being unreasonable. Seriously, forget about the car and fork up a little extra $$$ if you want the house. ...
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