This Epic Palm Springs House, Untouched Since 1969, Is Giving Us Life

Jaw on floor.

How is it that the world’s most perfect(ly wild) Palm Springs vacation home has been on the market since March — and still not sold? Start digging in the cushions of your pristinely preserved '60s floral-printed couch for some spare change, because you’re going to want to scrape it together to buy this beauty where you can host your friends for fierce dinner parties like the ones we imagine happen in interior-design heaven.

Berkshire Hathaway is listing a three-bedroom Palm Springs home for $835,000… that has literally not been touched since it was built in 1969, with the exception of the kitchen.

Entertainer's paradise, OMG

That makes it a 3,350-square-foot time capsule back to one of the desert city's most glamorous and celebrity-studded eras.

“This is not your everyday home,” reads the listing. “To own this home is to have your friends want to take photos of them in it.” For real though.

The pink tiered carpeted bedroom — we're dead.

The home includes “iconic, polished terrazzo floors, custom drapes, and custom furniture throughout. This is a true masterpiece time capsule," the listing reads.

A party-sized tub surrounded by carpet — we literally can't even.

There's a den with custom bar and bar stools. Sit by the fire in the winter time — and in the summer, chill by the pool. Entertain in this green paradise:

Or just stare for hours at this beautiful pink thing:

The media cabinet gives us life.

The location is close to the cool-kid-magnet Ace hotel and all the Coachella events. Seriously imagine what you could fetch for it as a vacation rental in the hipster-saturated market; it's a selfie gold mine.

Kind of a no-brainer investment for festival season alone... if you could bear letting strangers into your perfectly preserved rainbow paradise. 

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