'Full House' Home Stays in the Family! Show's Creator Buys $4 Million San Francisco Listing

Jeff Franklin plans to use it for filming, and eventually rent it out to the public.

Have mercy! The iconic San Francisco home where the Tanner family nominally lived in the beloved — and relevant as ever — ‘80s sitcom Full House just sold. And the lucky new owner is the show's creator Jeff Franklin! He plans to use the house for filming and eventually rent it out to the public, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a shame to let it sit empty," he said.

The house at 1709 Broderick Street went on the market in May, and Franklin is said to have picked it up for close to its $4.15 million asking price — at just about $4 million.

The home is done in San Francisco’s famous Victorian style, and was first built way back in 1883 by Charles Lewis Hinkel. 

We do wonder if a home that is approaching a century and a half old, and has survived major earthquakes, has creaky doors and windows? What we do know for sure is that the residence has undergone major renovations — so there’s currently nothing ‘80s, nor especially family friendly, about it.

Think: ultra-modern kitchen with glass wine fridge and striped flooring. Outside, there’s a manicured garden that’s about as close to Versailles as an urban residence in San Francisco gets.

So the listing goes, “The interior of this magnificent property is sophisticated, comfortable, and timeless with a spacious floor plan allowing for both formal entertaining and casual living.”

We wonder what the Full House fam would think of the complete overhaul to their fictional digs. Take a look at the listing photos and decide for yourself whether the renovation is more “how rude," or “you got it, dude!”

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