Calling A Spade A Spade

Chad Rogers addresses his feud with Josh Flagg.

There is a book that I have read called Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson. This book has helped me learn how to keep my cool in stressful moments. Over the years, I have become the type of person who rides the wave of life and avoids confrontation. To me, life is too short to get worked up over always being right. There are never any winners in a face-off and even if there were, no one would ever admit to being wrong. Too much wasted energy can be spent analyzing a situation and it never really amounts to anything greater than personal satisfaction. No one is perfect and I'm certainly not. That being said, I have figured out along the way how to change my perception of what is really important in life - like family, friends, and my career. Oh, yeah, and my hair! (ha)

I'm human and sometimes there are definitely times that I have to go "there." It's usually when I feel that someone is just being blatantly disrespectful and dishonest with me. It's never an option to just let things slide without a confrontation of some sort.

In the final episode, I was driven to a point where I had to call a spade a spade. There is never a good time to do that and this time I had to address Josh in the middle of an interview. The interviewer (Jeff Hall) asked Madison, Josh, and I if we had encountered any differences/problems with each other while working in real estate. Josh said "No," Madison said "No," and I had to tell the truth and say, "Yes."


I told Jeff about a recent situation where my client, Ronald Richard (Sierra Towers Condo Owner from Episode 2), instructed me that he didn't want Josh Flagg inside the Sierra Towers unit because my client did not want to work with Josh. Josh became upset, accused me of lying, and then said, "I was the one that didn't want to work with him." Well, in that episode, it was confirmed that Ronald Richard instructed me to ban Josh from his unit. Josh continued to accuse me of lying, which put my integrity in question. That is when I decided to call Josh out.

Josh denied ever trying to work with Ronald Richard through the entire series. However, I had proof to back it up that he did. I printed out every email that Ronald Richard had previously forwarded to me and proved that Josh had contacted Ronald Richard many times. I felt that Josh's behavior was obnoxious and I strongly feel that his response in the final episode was nothing more than an effort to cover up his embarrassment. Josh suddenly remembered Ronald Richard after I put the emails in front of his face - how convenient. We all witnessed Josh lose his cool and heard him make negative references towards me and my client. It's my opinion that Josh's actions were very unprofessional. I reminded myself, "don't sweat the small stuff," and that it would be better for me to keep my personal feelings to myself. There was nothing left for me to do but accept what I had felt all along - it is my opinion that Josh is going to continue to behave unprofessionally. I strongly feel that his actions reinforced his immaturity.

I hope that Josh has learned something from this experience. I have learned a lot from this. I hope that we can all grow from life experience and not "sweat the small stuff!"

Stunning, Sleek, and Sexy

Josh gushes about his listing and gives his side of the Heather situation.

What a great episode! Everyone made sales. Great way to end the season.

I absolutely love the house on Mulholland Drive. It's one of those homes that is just so cool, I'd want to live in it personally! This home is stunning, sleek, and sexy perched atop the prestigious Mulholland Drive. That listing appointment was very tense. The owner, Rick, has impeccable taste and is a very smart and discerning seller. I loved Mikey's musical number, and I think it added a certain vibe to the open that helped it stand out. You've got to admit, the kid has a good voice.

I think at this point it's evident that Heather is definitely making the right choice to stay with me, despite Madison's insecurities about his inability to control her. Heather is too smart to let Madison hold her back, and he doesn't give her the respect she deserves. Madison clearly cannot seem to draw the line between professionalism in a working relationship with Heather and his personal dislike for me. It's too bad that he is still unsure about his future in real estate and what it holds for him. Heather deserves the best, and that's why she left with me.

As for me? I feel as though I'm in the zone and nothing can stop me. As you would expect, this has been an unbelievable year for me in my business as well as my personal life! I am so very thankful for all the emails and phone calls full of love and support from my fans. With all this exposure I’m very excited about what this next year will bring for me and feel that I am more than ready for what’s to come. Maybe even a book… Keep following me on Twitter @theJoshAltman and on Facebook at Josh Altman or check out our website with all the hottest listings on at as well as booking speaking engagements and co-listing. Again thank you for watching, see you soon!