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More Than A Job

Josh Flagg dishes on his wild Beverly Hills birthday party.

Episode 5 offered an inside scoop of my life as more than just a real estate agent. It is interesting to watch it now, a year later (I turned 23 on August 20th) to see the progress I have made both professionally and personally. Being 22 in Los Angeles, regardless of a person's occupation, can be difficult; the added stress of knowing my career, credibility and commission are always on the line often feels too much to handle. However I chose to go into real estate as opposed to pursuing the more traditional path of going to college with my peers for a reason. And when I remind myself of this and consider the great successes of my career thus far, I am reassured I have made the right decision. As you could see at the time the episode was filmed, I was having second thoughts about this career; however being one year older and a little more experienced, I can't imagine doing anything else in my life than selling real estate. It is a 24 hour a day job and I love it. I like to party and enjoy myself too, but as you could see at my 22nd birthday party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, even my clients become a part of my social network. My relationships with many of my clients extend far past the close of escrow. Real estate has become more than just my day job - in fact, I don't think of it as a job at all — it's a part of who I am.