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Episode 9: Closing Time

Stunning, Sleek, and Sexy

A Shared Vision

No More Drama

Episode 8: Flagg Day

Be Yourself

Out and Proud

Million Dollar Soap Opera

Episode 7: Welcome to Heatherbreak

Just Because I'm Gay...

Unsolved Mysteries

You be the Judge

Episode 6: Madison, Turn Off the Dark

My Autobiography

The Wow Factor

Pleasure Principle

Episode 5: Real Estate Love in This Transgender Club

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Showdown: Round One

Episode 4: Think Outside the Lease

In Defense of Gimmicks

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Melons and Money

Episode 3: The Haves and the Have Nots

Learn from the Best

On to the Next

Double Your Pleasure

Episode 2: Welcome to Bizarro World

I Vant the Car

Million Dollar Mitzvah

Take the Bottle and Run

Best in the Biz

Time to Shine

Saved by the Ding Dong

What A Journey!

My Love Life?

The Season Finale!

Talk is Cheap in the BU

I'm Gay ... Who Cares?


Madison wonders how he became reality TV star and gives his take on "Chaddy Cakes."


Am I really a reality TV star? This is getting very interesting and a little nerve-wracking to be honest. I love my fans and all of you who connect with me, but I have to say it is a vulnerable position to be in and it has been quite a ride. I just returned from a vacation in Buenos Aires, Argentina and had an incredible time, but did not go unnoticed. It was pretty unbelievable to be recognized by fans in the middle of a foreign city.

This was a great episode filled with irony. On one end of the spectrum you have "Chaddy Cakes" negotiating his ridiculous birthday wishes, which come true, while Josh is revealing a heartfelt connection with his Grandmother's history...and I, well, am sealing another deal and remaining quite neutral. Get ready for my personal reveal in the following two episodes. This is a short note to you all as I am quite busy, but keep watching the boys of Bravo. Have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones and feel free to follow me on twitter at "Madison_Hilde" or on my Facebook fan page. If you are looking for inside tips on success you can get a signed copy of my book at

Smile and make it a great week.