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Learn from the Best

Josh Altman gives us the backstory on his relationship with Mauricio, and his take on Ferris Bueller, er, Josh Flagg.

I can't stress how important it is in real estate to surround yourself with the best people in the business. That's why it's so crucial to choose the right brokerage when starting out. If you surround yourself with the best and learn from the best, you become the best.

My co-worker, Mauricio, is a major player in the L.A. real estate game. I co-listed many millions of dollars worth of real estate this year and last with Mauricio. Co-listing is not that unusual in LA. Mauricio and I have the same style and passion for the business, and it's obvious what a great team we are when we work together. With a big time open house, comes big time pressure. The seller on my property is the designer and builder, so I understand why he wanted to be at the open house. I usually would not be thrilled if the seller stayed for a broker's open, but it was actually helpful in this case being that he is the builder, and no one knows a house better than the builder.

Does anyone else feel like Josh Flagg was actually Ferris Bueller when he said, "I'm' the pretentious son of a bitch today because of my mom?" I think I laughed so loud I scared my dogs. Got to hand it to him, he is funny.

I am very familiar with Josh's listing on Readcrest. I think it's a great bachelor pad. If it had a pool, then it would be in very high demand. He tried to make up for the pool by hiring twin blondes. The kid knows how to think out of the box sometimes.

Note to self, if I ever buy a Lamborghini, do NOT let Madison borrow it. And by the way, how great is Maks! He is one of my favorite clients and obviously amazing on Dancing with the Stars. I think Madison is the only person who has never seen Dancing with the Stars. Speaking of Madison, I definitely was feeling a little tension between us.

At the end of the day, you don't always sell the house. You have to put your client's interests first. It's not always about the money. If you're a good realtor money will come. In this case, I felt the smart move for my client was to take the lease and keep positive cash flow on the property in a down market.

Thanks everyone for tuning in and making this the biggest season of Million Dollar Listing yet!

Follow me on twitter @thejoshaltman and check out my website at to view my properties.