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Just Because I'm Gay...

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Just Because I'm Gay...

Madison comments on the Altman altercation.


Well, well, well the moment we have all been waiting for-- this "fight scene" between Altman and myself. I was nervous to see how this played out, but I think it showed fairly accurately. I am not sure any of it was justified, but sometimes one gets emotional. Speaking of emotions, the speed dating social was an interesting attempt at finding a match. There was a lot of excitement and energy. I think I described it on TV as, "I feel like I am the only nut in a tree full of squirrels." I have no idea where that line came from, but it is the best way to recount the experience.  

Boys aside, this quick lease deal was such a fun property to work with. The owner, Jane, who used to be an entertainment agent, had a very cool house, not to mention she was a total sweetheart. The only challenge here were the six rascal dogs. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, I just don't really trust the little snapping ones when they don't belong to me or my friends. They are too testy with their teeth!  

Altman had a nice sale in the episode. Looked like it was easy money, but I have a feeling it probably was a little more complex than what we viewers saw. Did anyone notice the big house Altman's client did not buy was featured on American Idol last week? The scene with Altman and his assistant getting lost around the condo lofts did not make a lot of sense to me. What I do know is that Heather and Altman are getting serious. Hmmm.