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Melons and Money

Madison loved how things went down with his listing and thinks Josh and the twins are hilarious.


Business and pleasure together, that's how I roll. Dr. Shah and I have been friends for about five years. He is one of the top plastic surgeons in California and also one of the most laid back, intelligent people I know.  Working with friends is no different then working with clients as long as your friendship is built on principals of integrity and respect. Darshan and I have that.  

I had a lot of fun with this property between the luncheon with my chef friend, Lena, drunk brokers from Beverly Hills, an awkward deep tissue massage, and a creative negotiation. People always ask me how the buyer or seller made his/her money, and since I just told you how Dr. Shah did I thought I would tell you how the buyer did.  He owns an online internet/advertising company. Good times. Enough about me... Can we talk about Josh and Josh?  

Josh Flagg and No. 1 and No. 2 are just good TV! These three were hilarious. The things that come out of Josh Flagg's mouth are hilarious. He had a fun party too. The house was nice -- the crowd was interesting. The food spread was great, but I can always expect that if I am going to see Josh Flagg. He is a foodie, and I can appreciate that. Oh, speaking of parties, Mr. Altman and Miss Heather looked like two teenagers flirting for the first time.   Heather looked so hot in her little turquoise get-up, non wonder she caught Josh Altman's eye. Stay tuned to see what happens with that.  

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Pura Vida,

Madison H