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Saved by the Ding Dong

Madison's glad to be back, but he's not a big fan of Josh Altman.

Already outrageous and hilarious. Last night's episode had me in stitches -- marijuana, men, and Malibu. I feel much more comfortable and "in my skin" this season. Already I have found myself in precarious situations being that my client is a Ferrari-driving, 24 year-old marijuana mogul and getting asked on a date by a fellow Realtor on a showing, which I politely finessed my way out of.  

I am so happy to see Josh Flagg's grandmother has already made her first appearance. She is priceless. Josh Altman, however, made me gag once or twice already. The scene with him and his assistant doing a chest-pumping football cheer, complete with his college football ring blinging on his pinkie finger, had my eyes rolling in the back of my head. Too much. Hehe.  

The show must go on...


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