Million Dollar Recaps

Wherein agents ignore their phones, fail to close, and get stalked by seagulls.

Feb 14, 2011

So, there you have it. As I said, these first two episodes have not been closing heavy, by any means. I think they’ll get a better handle on the market soon (if anyone can do it, these guys can). But if they can’t, here’s a proposal: fly to Boston, bring back Ruth, and team her up with Josh’s grandmother. I have a feeling they’ll know just what to do to whip these youngins into shape. Joshes, Madison... you’ve been warned.  

Oh, and I also have to hand out this episode’s Nasty Crack Den Award. As you may recall, “nasty crack den” is a term Madison and Josh Flagg coined last season to describe a particularly dire listing, and it is my duty to see that it is never forgotten. This episode’s Nasty Crack Den Award goes to the Houdini mansion where Madison meets Ismir. Yeah, yeah, yeah, really obvious, right?  Pick the wacky house that has a coffin-pool. But here’s the thing: as I was watching I suddenly realized that multiple things in the house were from that inflight catalog Skymall. Somebody, some living, thinking being, bought something from Skymall.  

Please pray for the human race.