Million Dollar Recaps

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a sale.

Feb 28, 2011

Josh Flagg, meanwhile, has recovered from his dire car-illness disease, and begins to really use his assistants. That is to say, exploit them so that he will never have to work ever, ever again. He calls them 1 and 2, which seems a little insulting until you realize that naming practices probably aren't the same on the moon, where the twins are from (you can tell by their party outfits, which are clearly not Earth-made, and by their otherworldly floating). 

The twins pull off his idea for a twilight open house, and it is there that something of the utmost importance happens: Madison and Josh Altman show up, and it becomes clear that all three agents like each other. (Check out photos from the party.) I'm not being too naïve, right? Madison and Josh F. have always seemed to be buds, though last season this was overshadowed by the simmering tension whenever one of them ran into late lamented Chad. But now they're free! And I think Josh Altman is a part of it too — look at them, in gossipy circles, trying to set each other up with their assistants. I love it! And for now, I'm going to overlook those teaser clips where Madison and Josh A. seem to be having a little fight. Partly because I know they have nothing to worry about.. Right? Right?

I'm going to ride this wave of euphoria a little bit longer because guess what — at the end of the episode, MADISON SELLS HIS HOUSE. Things are looking up.