Million Dollar Recaps

In which Josh introduces us to Colton Thorn.

Mar 23, 2011

Peace in the valley. Let there be peace in the valley, my gentle agents.

That's the message I've been trying to send telepathically to Madison and the Joshes since last week's episode. They started the season like a blissful family of angels, but the stress of the Heather situation has everybody acting all lunatic-like these days. 

Did they receive it? Hmmm... I do know that Josh Flagg received my other message, the one telling him to PUT HIS BABY PICTURES US! You must look at them, I tells ya (it's easy, his baby shots are right here). I've never seen a baby who so accurately represents the adult they grew up to be. Much of this is due to the fact that he's wearing his intergalactic-Garanimals from outer space even as a toddler. 

Speaking of Josh F, big episode for him... I.E. WHO IS COLTON THORN? Let's leave that till later, though -- Josh has business before dropping the bomb. First, he's called to an unfinished property by an estate representative who wants to sell immediately. It turns out that unfinished means "big heaps of trash inside some pieces of plywood glued together." However, it has a superb location (and the Los Angeles County-mandated 10,000 bathrooms), so Josh is game. As always. When was the last time you saw Josh Flagg get agitated about a single thing?