Wake-Up Call

August 7, 2012 • 4:32 PM ET
And so we’ve come to the season finale. As I wrote in my final ELLE column this week:“For me, this moment is a long time coming, a process that started when I was twenty-one years old, a junior at Georgetown, and I made the choice that would...
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Just Say Yes

August 6, 2012 • 3:43 PM ET
Let’s sum up eight weeks of good times, shall we? A recap: threesome proposals, first date couples acrobatics, modeling for a kissing workshop, hilarious make out with Menace, hot make out with David, strip clubbing on a first date, and let’s not...
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Self Sabotage?

August 6, 2012 • 12:56 PM ET
So things have come full circle for me; I find myself sitting here and thinking about some of the things I’ve gone through and finally trying to understand what has been holding me back with my own personal dating goals.  Not by any stretch...
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Breakdown Breakthrough

July 30, 2012 • 4:04 PM ET
Well, hello there! Welcome to the penultimate episode of this first season of Miss Advised. Only one week left until the finale in which... Oh, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? This episode finds us back at my house in Marina del Rey...
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How Soon is Too Soon?

July 30, 2012 • 2:47 PM ET
Have I mentioned that I love what I do for a living? I mean, I really do. For so many reasons, but I’ll pick one for now: one of the best parts of my job is hearing from my listeners. I read all your emails and try to answer all your questions...
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Changing for the Better

July 30, 2012 • 1:00 PM ET
Finally getting back to life in New York after my Greenwich stint feels good, and I certainly feel recharged compared to the sullen, depressed mood I was in when I was leaving the city for Joseph’s. I feel regenerated in a sense, more confident...
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Dinner Date

July 24, 2012 • 1:03 PM ET
Well hello there, friends!PROMMM! Oh wait, wait, sorry, we’re done with that date. Damn it! Back to reality. Or reality TV, that is. (Wah wahhh.)So, where were we? Oh, yes. Andrew and I had just gone on a rather epic first date involving tulle and...
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