Amy Laurent

Amy Laurent finally feels that happiness is within reach.

on Jul 30, 2012

What’s funny is that “Meathead Lawrence” (my trainer, whom I affectionately call Meathead) may also be right. I need to stay away from the young ones, despite the fact Meathead thinks I should have taken his number rather than given mine. Well, either way I think Kevin is pretty cute and I like his style. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend a first date at a gym either, which I find kind of odd as I’m walking into the place. And I can’t believe he has me rock climbing in the store! I’ve never rock-climbed before and I’m not sure it comes across how really high up and jagged the rock-climbing wall was. Not only am I just trying to finally get through a date successfully without feeling insecure or uncomfortable, but now we add climbing up a sheer wall? Rock climbing is a like a metaphor for dating altogether: nothing is easy, you have to trust complete strangers, and you feel like you could fall to your death at any time.

To my amazement and relief, Kevin is good at this. He’s comforting and supportive once he sees the fear in my face! He’s not telling me I’m “too uptight” and need to do this or that or criticizing me for being so awkward. He’s actually very compassionate and encouraging which says to me that I can just be myself and try this thing with Kevin and he’s not going to judge me if I chicken out or climb 12 inches before I back out of the whole idea. I felt safe.