Amy Laurent

Amy shares one of her most important dating rules.

on Jun 25, 2012

And JULIA! I feel for her, and I couldn’t watch her beg that guy for a kiss! Here’s exactly what I believe happened. When Chris explained to Julia that men actually “like a girl who initiates some of the time,” I immediately called BS and screamed it to the TV set. Yes, he was lying! Don’t believe that malarkey. No, men do not like it when a girl initiates. I don’t care what men might tell you, males want to pursue the female. Period. Any guy will lose interest once they sense a woman is aggressive in pursuing him. Our DNA doesn’t work that way.

That’s clearly what happened as Julia dialed up the pressure for a kiss. I’m assuming she was simply going off of Chris’ random comment that “guys like a proactive woman.” Oh, it annoys me just to think of that outright lie! I’m sure Julia was feeling a bad case of mixed messages, and my heart went out to her when she was pretty much rejected by him. If the lovely Julia were my client (my most fun, if she were!) I would remind her of this pesky little fib sometimes told to women and what my rules are in sitting back and letting the guy do the legwork. You can respond and influence throughout courting, but never initiate. Ever.