Emily Morse

Emily thinks she's getting closer to figuring out exactly what she wants.

on Jun 18, 2012

I love that my mom thinks bisexuals are confused. I think they’re actually quite clear when they say, “Yes, I’d prefer one with a penis and one without.” I don’t see the issue here. So, how cute is my dog Daisy when she rolls her eyes at my mom on the phone? See, Daisy is not on vacation all the time.

Contrary to what my co-host, Menace, says, I don’t bash monogamy as much as I make it my life’s work to help people have a monogamous relationship or be successful at whatever kind of relationship makes sense to them. That’s why I started the Sex With Emily show and wrote a book on Hot Sex. You can even buy it here. A dying sex life will lead to a dying relationship. Spice up your sex life. Today. It’s imperative.

Why is Menace bringing a date to my book party? For the record, I think if you’re single you should never feel like you HAVE to bring a date. Maybe that’s why you’re still single, because you grabbed that guy that you kinda sorta liked because you didn’t want to be alone in a situation where you might actually meet someone. Why not put yourself in more situations to be single. Think about it.