Emily Morse

Emily thinks she's getting closer to figuring out exactly what she wants.

on Jun 18, 2012

So why is my brother the man in the life? Quick rundown (you’ll need this info later): Parents were divorced when I was 9. I attended four of my parents’ weddings before I was 25-years-old. They had a bad habit of re-marrying and divorcing. Then my dad died suddenly of a heart attack when he was 49 and I was 19. It was devastating for both me and Michael, and Michael has truly been the man in my life ever since.

Cut to Julia’s beautiful, Rockwellian family. I wanted one of those blintz things they were eating for breakfast. In fact I wanted to plop down beside all of them, chat, and maybe stay awhile. Insightful to hear that Julia’s parents are obsessed with her love life, and I can’t help but wonder if that isn’t what made her obsessed with getting married. Julia, let’s talk offline.

Back in New York... oh, Amy, my dear, you met him at the gym!? Why didn’t I have this information before? Never date guys you meet at the gym! OK, never say never. You could meet a guy anywhere, and on second thought, I’ve dated a trainer or two.

Ah, San Francisco for my mini therapy session on the Michael and Menace show. Good times. Just to clarify, most Sex With Emily shows do not dissect my life. Usually it’s my listeners’ lives I’m analyzing and advising, but Menace had my brother in his death grip line of questioning (dog with a bone comes to mind). Side note: How many times in this episode does my brother give me “no you didn’t” look by the way? If we had to drink for each one of his looks, we’d all be tanked.