Julia Allison

Julia explains how she got into journalism.

on Jun 18, 2012


I have to admit -- as I’m watching this episode for the first time in my living room (center stage for much of the season) with my roommate JP (she of the soon-to-be-classic facial reaction shots) and my small white shih-tzu, Lilly, (my better-looking, furrier half and the real star of the show), the entire thing feels…surreal. To say the least.

What, exactly, have I learned? Miss Advised Lesson #1: Never move across the country while on camera. Miss Advised Lesson #2: Never turn your back on anyone. Ever. Because I now know what I look like from behind while in sweatpants -- a bit of knowledge that I am quite certain I could have gotten through life happier without!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s navigate through this paragon of neuroses chronologically.

First off, I get a big kick out of the way they’ve chosen to launch each episode, with the producer asking us a question we, as “dating experts,” answer frequently.

Truthfully, I always feel a little silly calling myself an expert without first defining what I think “expert” means. Physicist Niels Bohr once said, “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” Given THAT definition, I consider myself an expert in many fields, dating and relationships being two of them.