Julia Allison

Julia explains how she got into journalism.

on Jun 18, 2012

As for Emily, darling, sweet, evolved Emily. If you met her, you’d want her to be your sister, your roommate, your best friend. I love how she’s so open with her issues, she’ll happily admit to working through them in therapy, and then she’ll segue seamlessly into… cock rings. Ahh! I just want to wrap her up and stuff her in everyone’s stockings for Christmas.

BTW, if you want to see the complete Today Show segment, it’s here.

OK, OK, back to the recap. Sort of. First, my top three favorite quotes of Episode 1:

EMILY TO HER MOM: He’s bisexual.
EMILY’S MOM: Why are you dating him? EMILY: He’s Jewish?

AMY: So, should I go out with him [her ex who dumped her]?
LORENZO [genuinely perplexed]: Um... no? Because he broke your heart and he lives in Saudi Arabia? [Men are so logical sometimes.]

ME: He’s around 30. I am curious as to why he is single.
JP: We’re single!
ME: Uh... you’re 26. And I am rife with issues.

Now, the show!

Ah, so here we are, back in my hometown, Chicago! Oh, OK, I was raised in the ‘burbs, right next to Northwestern University in a town called Wilmette. But close enough. Brief geo-locational history: I attended Georgetown University in DC, then moved to New York for six years before having an Eat, Pray, Love-esque meltdown in August of 2010, putting all my stuff in storage, and heading back to “figure out my sh--” in Chicago. Shortly thereafter, I began writing an internationally syndicated social media column called “Social Studies” for Tribune Media Services. My editor’s offices were in the Tribune building, just blocks from my parents’ condo, where I was squatting.