Julia Allison

Julia talks dishes on her fabulous dinner party and the infamous checklist song.

on Jul 24, 2012

Now let’s fast forward to the dinner party I threw with my roommate JP… but first, a few words about my sweetheart of an ex, Taylor, who lives up in (where else?) Palo Alto -- or at least he did at the time (he now lives in SF). Taylor and I dated in 2010, and after the most amicable breakup known to humankind, we became best friends. We literally haven’t touched each other since then, but we’ve gone on vacations together, I took him as my plus one to my best childhood friend’s wedding, we talk for hours on the phone, etc. Born and raised in Montana, he’s just a solid, ethical human being with impeccable character and a hysterical sense of humor. We’ve been each other’s wingpeople -- I’ve set him up on (no joke) half a dozen dates. He met my last boyfriend, Jack, in Tahoe for my 30th birthday and wasn’t the biggest fan, to be honest. Not because he was jealous -- there isn’t any of that, I promise you -- just because he didn’t see it being a good fit, and he wanted/wants me to be happy.

BTW, if it sounds like I’m waxing poetic about Taylor, I suppose I am. He really is that outstanding a person. Plus his friends, who came to the dinner party held that evening, are equally fantastic. And yes, he reads The Atlantic (#5 on The Checklist!)

So Taylor decided to fly down from SF to visit me, see some of his friends (who have become my friends too), and meet Andrew at the very first dinner party JP and I have ever held in our new home. If I look like a woman who can throw dinner parties with no stress, you’re gravely mistaken, my friend, so I begged my sweet and talented girlfriend Brit Morin, the Martha Stewart of the Facebook generation (seriously, check out her site at www.helloBrit.com), to help.

But a dinner party isn’t really a dinner party without entertainment. As it turns out, living with a ridiculously beautiful and talented musician, AKA Miss JP (JuliaPriceMusic.com and @JuliaPriceMusic), helps a bit! And as JP is a little bit of a sly one, she stole my 73-point Checklist and decided to write a song about it, which is shown in this episode very much abridged. If you’d like to hear the entire song, you can download it on iTunes. It’s FANTASTIC, and every single one of the items she lists is ... yes, actually on my checklist. I thought it was so cute that we made a music video of it, which you can find on JP’s YouTube Channel (YouTube.com/JuliaMusic1), or here: http://youtu.be/oDgUhNONI-c.