Julia Allison

Julia talks dishes on her fabulous dinner party and the infamous checklist song.

on Jul 24, 2012

Oh no. No, this can’t be good, I thought as I started to play and we both remembered that unlike her dear friends who knew her well, Andrew was still nearly a stranger. With each bullet point that I sang I could see his eyes widening in fear... he was making mental notes of all the ways that he fell short of this massive list.

But something that Andrew couldn’t yet see, was that he was the first guy who came around in a long time that made Julia question her checklist. The Checklist wasn’t making her happy anymore. I knew that. She knew that. Our friends knew that. I finished the song feeling more nervous than I had been before my first SXSW performance or any other show for that matter. Did Andrew now know too much?”

Did he? I guess you’ll just have to wait for Episode 7 to see!

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