31. Chivalrous / impeccable manners
32. Preppy dresser
33. Enjoys playing tennis, horseback riding, skiing, biking
34. Would make a great dad and wants to have kids (would have beautiful, smart kids with me!)
35. Beautiful writer and speaker
36. Writes love letters
37. Well-traveled / wants to travel with me (in style!)
38. Spiritual / believes in God / has strong faith
39. Does good for others
40. Brings out the best in me / makes me a better person
41. A true teammate and partner
42. Has a close knit, fun, intelligent, interesting family who loves me
43. Is within five years of my age
44. Loves learning
45. Romantic
46. Always makes me feel special
47. Pushes me to be my best self
48. Can play piano or guitar brilliantly (or sing)
49. Healthy
50. Temperate and not into excessive drinking or irresponsible drug use
51. Teaches me interesting things every day
52. Inspiring
53. Respectful
54. Worldly
55. Is ready to get married in the next two years
56. Has a beautiful home / great eye for design
57. Owns a fast, sexy car
58. Confident
59. Talented lover
60. Balanced -- values his work, friends, and hobbies (but I am top priority!)