61. Connected
62. Well-liked / beloved
63. Loves animals -- especially Lilly!
64. 75% homebody, 25% enjoys swanky events
65. Politically liberal / socially liberal
66. Great photographer / likes taking photos
67. Loves a good costume party!
68. Joie de vivre
69. First marriage (never been married or engaged before)
70. Perceptive
71. Will support me in whatever I want to do
72. A good friend
73. Dreams big -- and makes those dreams a reality
74. Be open, creative, and encourage me to be the same
75. "Say YES!" should be his mentality
76. Protects my individuality, freedom, and autonomy
77. Encourages personal growth and the full development of my authentic self
78. Creates a satisfying, experimental, open sex life(!)
79. Dedicates our relationship to learning, growing, evolving, and contributing
80. Dreams with me
81. Creates an unconventional life with me
82. Experiments with everything
83. Deeply intuitive
84. Is a MAN
85. Sexually delicious
86. Loves fully
87. Loves me for my mess / sees my mess and loves me for it
88. Will be on TV with me without throwing a massive fit