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Drew Ginsburg

Achy Breaky Heart

I want to get all the negative stuff out of the way first. I made some very big mistakes with Cody. I have thought about what I did wrong for a long time, and I have to live with the pain. I really screwed up with Cody. The pain hurt my heart for...
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The Hooker Convention

First of all, sorry that my blog is so short this time, I'm under the weather.  Let's start off with Jody and Tara. OMG Tara rock climbing…my only question was why wasn't I invited? Tara, seriously, why? Next I think Tara's ex has a point...
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Not Sorry

So Eliot the dog is on the road to better health with Tara. I have to say, Tara is the Mother Teresa of dogs in Dallas. CoCo was a rescue dog I got when I lived in California, and I'm very grateful for her. She is wonderful! I just had to praise...
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Operation Beaver Snatch

Let's start off where we left off with my argument with Courtney. I honestly don't think Courtney was blindsided by me. She was aware of her actions at DIFFA, and she knew what she said about me at DIFFA. I don't confront people unless I have a...
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The Pursuit of Happiness

First of all, so much happened in Episode 4. It’s going to be hard for me to cover everything. Let me start of by talking about Cody. Cody is my ex boyfriend. In my eyes he is an incredible guy. I love Cody. He is a man who taught me so much and...
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First of all let me start off by saying I love Episode 3. I don't believe Courtney when she says she and Matt have never fought before. I'm calling bull. Seriously, all friends have disagreements, it's part of life. It didn't feel like Courtney...
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Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Matchmaker, matchmaker! When I think matchmaker, I honestly think of an online dating service or a nice Jewish woman. I don't think Sarah Norton. As you saw, my blind date was deifinitely not my type. I still think it was odd that Daylon set me up...
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