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I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Since this is the last episode, I am pretty bummed out! I am heading to Oakland, CA. Although I am going to miss all my friends here in Dallas, it's time for me to get back to work and start training for the football season coming up. Not to...
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Surface-Level Fun

This episode was a little hard for me to watch but very interesting in a sense. My relationship with Rebecca was one that was long distance for its entirety. That being said, we were probably closer than a lot of couples that live with each other...
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Follow Your Heart

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the episode tonight! I know I did. Rebecca and I had just gotten home from a long day by the pool. We were exhausted but ended up diving into a little bit of relationship talk. She lives and...
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Five Foot Fabulous

This was a great episode, because I get to spend time with my ex-girlfriend from Sacramento/San Francisco, who had my heart for about four years. She is a beautiful, amazing, and strong girl! Her 5'1'' frame packs a powerful punch! She used to...
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In Character

I had a lot of fun in this episode, from dressing up at Tara's Paws in the City Charity, going on the double date, and supporting Drew at DIFFA. Tara has such an amazing passion for what she does, and I always will support people who believe...
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Let the Games Begin

Hey everyone! I have been waiting patiently to blog about this episode! I don't really know exactly where to dive in, so I guess I'll start with Courtney breaking the news about the Bachelor Auction to Matt and me. We were having a nice relaxing...
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Telling It Like It Is

Back again! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am currently up in Napa Valley right for training camp with the Oakland Raiders! It is absolutely amazing up here, and I will miss it once we head back to Oakland for good later this week....
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