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Tara Harper

A Beautiful Gas Station Dinner

Well this is it! What a crazy, wonderful experience it's been. So many people from across the country have reached out to me with their rescue stories, and I couldn't be happier. That has truly been the highlight of Most Eligible Dallas for me....
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A Fairy-Tale Romance

OK, I'm a bit of a hypocrite, I admit it. While I am the queen of giving great advice, I rarely take it. Regarding our relationships, I'm convinced we have some sort of chemical in our brains that blinds us from what everybody on the planet...
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A Vocab Lesson

Wow! Was tonight's episode an absolute whirlwind or what? I'm still trying to catch my breath. Just when I start forgetting life's craziness, I watch a new episode and  am instantly reminded of the wonderful insanity in our lives. And on the...
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Ask yourself, "Have I ever been passionate enough about anything to the point that I would risk my own life?" Whether it's love, family, honor, or whatever it may be, I know in my heart that this fire burns within all of us. Clearly my passion is...
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Giving Back

Thank goodness the temperature in Dallas finally dipped below 110 degrees so I can finally sit by the pool to write my blog....
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Rolling the Dice

Let's face it -- dating is a crapshoot! I'm sure all single women will agree that on the topic of dating, you just never know what you're going to get. But I'm always willing to roll the dice and take my chances and here's a quick pre-date...
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Wow that was quite an episode wasn't it? The word that kept popping in my head is the A-word. No, not that A-word, awkward. Awkward first dates, awkward dinners with friends, an awkward first kiss and a car accident on my first date -- Awkward!...
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