Accent Pieces

Episode 5:'s Assistant Editor was just as enamored with Mark's accent as Courtney.

This week we learned many things, but if you read no further than this sentence, let me sum up the main points for you: Accents? Sexy! Soul patches? Not sexy!

For those seeking further Dallas dating wisdom, by all means, read on! You know you want to...

DO: Use chivalry to get out of a sticky situation

Jealousy is not a good color on Matt, as proved by him whisking Neill out of the DIFFA event and making multiple passive aggressive remarks about her "doing her thing" with Glenn. It looked like the only thing she was doing was getting her groove on (and who wouldn't in that intensely tasseled gown), but it seems like Neill learned the hard way never to play a player (especially with one of his buddies). 

However, Matt managed to at least partially make up for his behavior by offering to drive Neill home, apologizing, and opening her door for her. Nothing like a little good old fashioned gentlemanly charm to get you out of the doghouse.

DON'T: Let your feelings "marinade"

Courtney felt completely blindsided by Drew's outburst, leaving her to lament all of Drew's unspoken feelings about her that he's let "marinade." In order to deal with Drew's (at this point) deeply flavored frustrations, Courtney proposes lunch, which ends peacefully enough. I think Tara's right, they're so similar that they'll either love each other or hate each other. Let's just hope next time the marinade isn't so bitter.

DO: Steal dogs if they're in dangerous situations

Yes, breaking and entering may be a felony. Yes, Tara and Drew very well could have gone to jail. But what judge after seeing the footage of that poor dog being freed from such a terrible situation could possibly find you guilty of anything other than being a wonderful person? 

DO: Have an accent

I think Courtney may have pointed out the sexiness of Mark's South African accent roughly five hundred times. And honestly, I agree. I would have jumped on that bull too if Mark had asked me. 

And is it just me or is South Africa full of sexy hunks? Exhibit A: Ross Cassidy of Million Dollar Decorators.

DON'T: Have a soul patch

Just don't.

DON'T: Make a "that's what she said" joke if you don't know how to do it properly

I love Glenn. I also love a good "that's what she said" joke. But clearly the two do not mix. I hate to break it to you, Glenn, but, "I like making big ones," does not lend itself to being followed by, "That's what she said." It really, really doesn't.

DO: Be mysterious 

Matt seems to be falling under Neill's spell (which we're pretty sure we casts via her smile). The thing that's really piquing his interest about her? Mystery. Matt can't get enough of "unwrapping" her layers and finding little fun facts. Like how she used to hunt as a child and stored her cash in the mouth of her trophy animals. If that doesn't say sexy, I don't know what does. 

And next week it looks like things are getting serious between Matt and Neill. Needless to say, Courtney is not exactly thrilled. 


Achy Breaky Heart

Drew shares his struggle to get over Cody.

I want to get all the negative stuff out of the way first. I made some very big mistakes with Cody. I have thought about what I did wrong for a long time, and I have to live with the pain. I really screwed up with Cody. The pain hurt my heart for months. I really do love him. No matter what happens in life, I will always have a place in my heart for him. It seems like in my life every time I get into a relationship that might work out, it just falls apart.

After Cody broke my heart you all saw me cry. I have never cried over a man like that before ever in my life. I was hurting so badly after Cody left the restaurant. I didn't know what to do, but I was so grateful that Tara and Daylon were there for me. They rushed over to me at the last minute. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without them. During the next couple of hours I was a mess. Tara was a complete saint. She called everyday to check on me. She knew I was hurt and even made sure I was eating. For the next couple of months it was really hard for me to get back into dating. It really felt like an incredible mountain to climb. As for me trying to sell Daylon a car, what can I say, I'm workaholic. It's in my Ginsburg genes. I never stop working and it's actually very hard for me to go on a vacation. To truly relax I have to get far, far away from Dallas.

As for me, I can tell you now I'm feeling better. I saw Cody for the first time in September and I'm actually dating again.

Tara and Jody… I never thought a gas station would serve fine food. I still wonder if there was graffiti on the bathroom walls. That lovely dinner at Chez Pump and Go was nice touch.

I'm appalled at Jody! How dare any person deceive someone, especially my Tara. Shame on you for still being married. You told her you loved her and she loved you. What the hell? How could you not tell Tara you're still married? How dare you try to turn Tara into a mistress. Tara, I really feel for you. I actually thought he was good guy. But the silver lining is that his ugly side has been exposed.What can I say, the Matt and Courtney kiss has finally happened. Finally! It was interesting to see Matt put so much time and effort into this trip. In all honesty, when I'm traveling with a friend I don't put a lot of time into planning. I usually press a button. But I have to give Matt a lot of credit for putting this together. Matt showed his sweet side instead of his player side. He even got Courtney a room of her own. I only hope Matt treats Courtney with the respect she deserves.

On a final note, I hope you everyone enjoyed the first season of Most Eligible Dallas. I hope everyone has enjoyed the show. Remember to follow me on Twitter @drewginsburg and on Facebook