Courtney Kerr

Courtney dissects all the ego checks and ego wrecks of the episode.

on Sep 26, 2011

In this world, women are typically the gender that is type-cast as being overly emotional. On this episode of the show, I think that theory could definitely be argued, because when a man's ego is challenged, his emotions kick into high gear. The male ego is a funny thing because as a woman, should we stroke the ego, challenge the ego, or ignore the ego? If you behave anything like me, then you confront the ego and poke fun of it. And throughout tonight's show it was clear that Matt and Drew needed to check their "emotional egos" at the door. But sometimes, can an ego work in your favor? Can it just give you that extra dash of confidence you need? Let's break down the ego checks and ego wrecks of the evening…

Right when I think Drew and I have made strides in our friendship, he has to go and get all emotional on me again. As ya'll can tell, I am really passionate about "ex-territory." I dated someone for several years, fell madly in love, broke up, got back together, and quickly broke up again, leaving me devastated. So when people are considering flirting with "ex-territory," something comes over me and I can't help but feel the need to warn them about how much more painful the experience can be the second time around. And while I was trying to share my experience, Drew lets his ego take control, turned the whole thing on himself, and throws an emotional hissy fit. But I mean, can you really blame him? He's injecting himself with female hormones on a daily basis, so technically he already has me beat in the estrogen department. And when you mix female hormones, a male ego, and a heated conversation, things are bound to get a little out of hand. But luckily, Drew finally put his ego away and we went back to our comfort zone of cracking jokes and poking fun at each other. One major commonality that Drew and I share is wit and humor, so I am glad our friendship can always find common ground amongst a good dirty joke!