Courtney Kerr

Courtney dissects all the ego checks and ego wrecks of the episode.

on Sep 26, 2011

Now onto the biggest ego of the night: my sweet, handsome best friend Matt. I will start by saying this -- Matt has this incredible ability to walk into a room and own it. He oozes confidence and swagger. He can charm anyone and knock you dead with those baby blues, dimples, and killer smile. But here's the risk he runs…if for one split second his ego gets challenged, his emotions kick in and we are suddenly dealing with a whole other version of Matt.

Matt's ego made two guest appearances tonight, the first being on the double date with him, Neill, Mark, and me. I have to admit, I was kind of nervous about this date, because I really like Mark, and I want my best friend Matt to like him too. In a dream world, by the end of this date, they would be high-fiving and planning on playing a round of golf together in the near future! Apparently, I can lay those dreams to rest, because instead of getting to know Mark and talking about football, beer, and whatever else hot dudes discuss, Matt's ego came to play a game of one-upping. I sat there shocked, unable to interject, because I literally couldn't believe that Matt would act this way. Here I am with this amazing guy who has a lot to offer, is well educated, well-traveled, and has incredible life experiences, and Matt suddenly acts like he has something to prove? For a split second, I felt like he was competing with Mark and trying to challenge him. I can't complain though, because Mark handled it brilliantly. He sat back with his quiet confidence, and just let Matt's ego go to town. As if the accent wasn't enough, Mark just got about a million times hotter in my book!

But there were some moments in tonight's show where Matt checked his ego ahead of time and really let himself speak confidently and with a lot of humility. This is the Matt I know and love. When hearing Matt speak about his charity, you see a lot of passion. You see a man who realized how blessed his life has been and how he should give back to others. Regardless of whatever anyone thinks his intentions are for starting The Leadership Foundation, I know Matt has put a lot of his time and money into making sure this is a blossoming success, and with his drive and willingness to succeed, I know this gala will go off without a hitch. He is an amazing man, and I cannot wait for the rest of the world to see what he can do and how many lives he will be able to touch.