Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 5: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor was just as enamored with Mark's accent as Courtney.

Sep 19, 2011

This week we learned many things, but if you read no further than this sentence, let me sum up the main points for you: Accents? Sexy! Soul patches? Not sexy!

For those seeking further Dallas dating wisdom, by all means, read on! You know you want to...

DO: Use chivalry to get out of a sticky situation

Jealousy is not a good color on Matt, as proved by him whisking Neill out of the DIFFA event and making multiple passive aggressive remarks about her "doing her thing" with Glenn. It looked like the only thing she was doing was getting her groove on (and who wouldn't in that intensely tasseled gown), but it seems like Neill learned the hard way never to play a player (especially with one of his buddies). 

However, Matt managed to at least partially make up for his behavior by offering to drive Neill home, apologizing, and opening her door for her. Nothing like a little good old fashioned gentlemanly charm to get you out of the doghouse.