Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 5: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor was just as enamored with Mark's accent as Courtney.

Sep 19, 20110

DON'T: Let your feelings "marinade"

Courtney felt completely blindsided by Drew's outburst, leaving her to lament all of Drew's unspoken feelings about her that he's let "marinade." In order to deal with Drew's (at this point) deeply flavored frustrations, Courtney proposes lunch, which ends peacefully enough. I think Tara's right, they're so similar that they'll either love each other or hate each other. Let's just hope next time the marinade isn't so bitter.

DO: Steal dogs if they're in dangerous situations

Yes, breaking and entering may be a felony. Yes, Tara and Drew very well could have gone to jail. But what judge after seeing the footage of that poor dog being freed from such a terrible situation could possibly find you guilty of anything other than being a wonderful person?