Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 3: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor wonders whether Tara will be OK to check some baggage after the DTF incident.

Aug 29, 2011

DO: Be chivalrous

Tara will not go on a date with a man who isn't a perfect gentleman. If you don't open the car door for Tara, she will turn back around and go home. So study up on your manners (and be sure to bring a coat you won't mind throwing over a puddle) before taking a Dallas diva on a date. 

DON'T: Insult Lady Gaga, reference asparagus pee, or say you're DTF on a first date

Tara's date, Jesse, may have remembered to open the car door for her, but he seemed to have forgotten some basic Dating 101. First he dissed Lady Gaga (a cardinal sin in our book). Then he kept talking about how he couldn't order asparagus, because it makes his pee smell. I mean, we all know this, but really no need to harp on that during a first date. And then the icing on the cake was when he let drop that he's DTF. Really? Especially given Tara's previously revealed aversion to Jersey Shore-esque guys, this was just a bad, bad move.