Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 1: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor shares the secrets to dating in Dallas.

Aug 16, 20110

Looking for your cowboy (or cowgirl) in shining armor? Need to know how to wrangle a date in Dallas? Never fear, we've got you covered with our Dallas Dos and Don'ts recap. We're pulling together all the wisdom gleaned from watching our six Most Eligible singles navigate the dating scene in The Big D to give you all the guidance you'll need. 

DO: Love dogs

What's the key to a Dallas girl's heart? Evidently the canine connection. Tara's got a passion for puppies and spends her free time rescuing dogs. In fact she's more concerned about dogs than people. She'll go to any lengths, including breaking and entering, just to help a dog in need. For people not so much: "I save dogs, I don't save people." It's safe to say she's probably more impressed by your pooch's pedigree than your flashy ride.

Even Courtney has a special place on her list (more on this later) for dogs. Any potential suitor should probably have a canine companion, preferably with a manly name like Butch or Duke. So before you go out and adopt a dog to help lure in the ladies, you may want to rethink the name Fluffy or Miss Pretty Paws. 


That Tara girl does seem sweet!

As a matchmaker here in DC we have also found that those that have pets in common often times share similar interests. At the same time having one type of pet or another can be deal breakers for some!

We've had men who tell us that they steer clear of woman with cats, and a woman who refused to even hear about potential matches if they owned a dog!


FYI: Texas isn't Southern, it's Southwestern. BIG difference. As stated on the show, Dallas is FlAsHy, the South is not. All one has to do is compare Dallas to Birmingham, Charlotte, Charleston, Jackson (MS),Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville(kinda transient), Louisville, Lexington, Macon, Mobile, Richmond, Charlottesville (VA),Savannah....