Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 1: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor shares the secrets to dating in Dallas.

Aug 16, 20110

DO: Have a sweet bachelor pad

A view that's a "panty-dropper," a button that allows you to order everything from a chicken Caesar salad to a facial – yep, Drew's apartment has it all. This way when you invite someone up, there is literally no way they can say no. For example:

"Do you want to come up for some coffee?"
"No thanks, I don't drink coffee."
"I'll pass."
"How about a massage and a facial?"
"Umm, OK!"

DON'T: Rock the gorilla juicehead look in Dallas

What works in Jersey definitely doesn't fly in Dallas. As Tara termed it, the "Guido von Dutchie" will only be met with universal revulsion, and not even just in Dallas, throughout the entire state of Texas. So be sure to trade in the tats and faux-hawks for polo shirts and cowboy boots before even trying to land a date in Dallas. 

DO: Make the most of your time 

Following Matt's philosophy, one shouldn't just schedule time to hang out with only one girl. Inefficient! As he astutely notes, "Why do one on one when you can do one on three? Why do one on three when you can do one on five? Why do one on five when you can grab a buddy and do two on fifteen?" Sounds like a Patti mixer to me, and who are we to question The Millionaire Matchmaker


That Tara girl does seem sweet!

As a matchmaker here in DC we have also found that those that have pets in common often times share similar interests. At the same time having one type of pet or another can be deal breakers for some!

We've had men who tell us that they steer clear of woman with cats, and a woman who refused to even hear about potential matches if they owned a dog!


FYI: Texas isn't Southern, it's Southwestern. BIG difference. As stated on the show, Dallas is FlAsHy, the South is not. All one has to do is compare Dallas to Birmingham, Charlotte, Charleston, Jackson (MS),Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville(kinda transient), Louisville, Lexington, Macon, Mobile, Richmond, Charlottesville (VA),Savannah....