Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 7: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor was pumped about all the Courtney wisdom this week.

Oct 4, 20110

In case you missed it this week, Courtney had not one, not two, but three separate Courtney rants this week. For this reason alone you should watch the episode for her various tips and general wisdom. But if you're in a rush or are simply just dying to read my recap, then by all means continue on for your weekly dose of Dallas dos and don'ts. 

DON'T: Listen to an ex

We finally got to meet one of Tara's ex-fiancés, and I think it's clear she definitely has a type. While rock climbing (not exactly Tara's cup of tea, but at least she's a good sport), her ex tells her that she's wasting her time with Jody. I have to agree with Tara on this one, exes should not weigh in on your current dating life. It's awkward, and I think it's impossible to take that criticism well from an ex. Maybe from a good friend, but definitely not an ex. 

DON'T: Lead on a single mother

Call me crazy, but wasn't Matt just thinking about getting serious with Neill? Well in any event, if he's having second thoughts, it's definitely better he pulls out now. But it does leave us all to wonder what sparked this sudden change of heart. Has Matt realized there's someone else he has feelings for…

Jaime Riddle of Slidell, La
Jaime Riddle of Slidell, La

Love Most Eligible Dallas and ALL it's cast.....some get on my nerves though, but I am almost positive this is true for most everyone that watches the show. Okay Courtney, here it goes. You are beautiful, smart and certainly very fashionable but I (as many viewers, I am certain will agree) that you are a little self-involoved, pretentious, and annoying. Please stop being so holier than thou.

Matt, get a grip. You're cute, but def not a player. Play your stregths, not weaknesses.

Tara, LOVE YOU GIRL! But, would like to see you find someone your age or at least someone in the same place in their lives as you.

Glenn, WOW!!!! So talented, so cute, so sweet. YOU need to marry that girl!