Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 7: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor was pumped about all the Courtney wisdom this week.

Oct 4, 20110

DON'T: Only talk about where you got your sunglasses

You'll notice that the girl trying to woo Glenn with the gripping tale of where she purchased her sunglasses was wearing a bikini and heels. Previous point proved.

DON'T: Bring up another friend while you're breaking up with someone

Real smooth, Matt. Just throw Courtney under the bus some more with Neill. Trying to explain the whole "perception is reality" theory was just not going to help this awkward breakup-but-not-a-breakup-because-they-weren't-officially-dating moment.

DO: Make a fashionably late entrance

I don't know about you, but the buildup of stress around Courtney being late to Matt's gala was crazy tense! I kind of wanted to reach through the screen, shake her, and shout, "Just throw something on and get there!" But after so much to do, she made it in time and made quite an entrance. Matt's face was definitely saying, "Dayum!" Maybe it was part of her scheme, but it paid off. So much so that she scored an invite for an intimate getaway. Will it be the moment we've all been waiting for?!

Jaime Riddle of Slidell, La
Jaime Riddle of Slidell, La

Love Most Eligible Dallas and ALL it's cast.....some get on my nerves though, but I am almost positive this is true for most everyone that watches the show. Okay Courtney, here it goes. You are beautiful, smart and certainly very fashionable but I (as many viewers, I am certain will agree) that you are a little self-involoved, pretentious, and annoying. Please stop being so holier than thou.

Matt, get a grip. You're cute, but def not a player. Play your stregths, not weaknesses.

Tara, LOVE YOU GIRL! But, would like to see you find someone your age or at least someone in the same place in their lives as you.

Glenn, WOW!!!! So talented, so cute, so sweet. YOU need to marry that girl!