Drew Ginsburg

Drew reveals his trouble-making alter ego.

on Aug 29, 2011

I was excited for the bachelor auction. It was perfect opportunity to let "Drewcifer" out. Drewcifer is kind of my alter ego, who often likes to stir the pot and cause trouble. And buying Glenn was the perfect opportunity to do that. Yes, I do love screwing with people. At the auction it looked like Matt had no game. I was actually shocked, because Matt claims to be the "ultimate package." Well that night he wasn't. I felt a little duped by Matt for false advertising. As for bidding on Glenn, I would have gladly paid more for him. Matt could have easily brought in as much as Glenn, but it seemed like he wasn't working the room. As for giving Courtney my date with Glenn, why not? It seemed like it might be a pleasant distraction for her from the drama of the past couple of days. I think Matt was disappointed with everything, because he wasn't the center of attention. And to that I say, "Wah wah."