Drew Ginsburg

Drew stands by his actions in the altercations with Courtney and Matt.

on Sep 26, 2011

So Eliot the dog is on the road to better health with Tara. I have to say, Tara is the Mother Teresa of dogs in Dallas. CoCo was a rescue dog I got when I lived in California, and I'm very grateful for her. She is wonderful! I just had to praise Tara for her selfless work helping animals in Dallas.

Dinner at Daylon's! Let's talk about Courtney's comment that, "People are so eager to fall in love". Love is powerful. It feels good when you are newly in love. Everything is wonderful, and I feel happy when I'm falling in love. It makes me feels like an energetic 18-year-old kid, and I love it. Maybe I'm addicted to falling in love, and it might be an issue for me. Honestly, Courtney, I don't freaking care. I feel like Courtney's comments about love and relationships are coming from a very conservative perspective. Courtney gives me the impression that she is too wound up. Honestly I feel like she needs to be unwound.