Drew Ginsburg

Drew stands by his actions in the altercations with Courtney and Matt.

on Sep 26, 2011

I really do feel like Courtney dislikes me from time to time. I think she's upset because I won't follow her lead. As for her ways of talking over people, I do feel that because of her insecurities she sometimes walks over people. Sometimes she needs to shut up and listen. During the conversation at the dinner, it felt like Courtney didn't even care to listen to anything I had to say. She only cared about her opinion and not anyone else's. It was a one-way conversation with her, and it came off as a lecture. I got into the fight with Courtney because I was just trying to be heard. I think sometimes Courtney would make a compassionate dictator. As for my cursing, I don't completely regret it. Those words were fueled by emotions, and I was fed up with her high and mighty actions. I honestly felt like she needed to be brought back down to reality. Look, Courtney and I friends, but we constantly have disagreements like brother and sister. I sometimes wonder when she breathes, because she dominates the conversation so much. 

Matt's charity‚Ķ I'm not on board with it, because I don't feel like his heart is really there. It feels like a one time shot to make him look good. It felt like a PR stunt, and it didn't feel right to come out for his gala. I chose not to support it, because I wasn't sure if he was truly serious about it. Matt needs to prove himself and not take make it a one-time thing. I might be over-reacting, but I want to support something I know is being done for the right reasons. 

I have known Matt for over two years, and he still doesn't get that I don't drink. He has offered me drinks many times in those two years. I have told him many times that I don't drink and explained to him why. I think Matt sometimes lives in his own world with a very warped concept of reality where everything revolves around him. Look up "narcissist" in the dictionary and it gives the perfect description of Matt. Look at the double date with Courtney and Matt. Matt couldn't handle Mark and his humility. He has to name drop and talk about money.