Operation Beaver Snatch

Drew talks about his rescue mission with Tara and his heartbreak over Cody.

Let's start off where we left off with my argument with Courtney. I honestly don't think Courtney was blindsided by me. She was aware of her actions at DIFFA, and she knew what she said about me at DIFFA. I don't confront people unless I have a reason. Courtney knew what she wad doing and ended up in my line of fire. Look, Courtney and I are like cats and dog. We will get into confrontations from time to time, and we tend to rub each other the wrong way. But in the long term we will probably still be friends.

I have to agree with Matt -- bringing a date to an event and having her flirt with someone else isn't respectful. I feel like Neill was totally inappropriate. OMG, I have to say that kiss was so awkward looking. 

I was brutally honest with Courtney at lunch. She was more excited about the fashion at DIFFA than the actual cause. DIFFA was a big honor. I like to do charity work under the radar, because I don't do it to seek acknowledgement. As for Courtney, the moment she saw me she was all buddy-buddy, but when Daylon showed up she disappeared on me. Seriously, I'm used to being shoved away like garbage. I honestly don't think Courtney was aware of the rejection and hurt I have experienced. 

Operation Beaver Snatch! (PS: I was sporting some clothes from my old Ed Hardy days.) I named it Operation Beaver Snatch to be playful. Clearly Tara does this all the time, because the girl has bolt cutters, gloves, and high heels in her car. You don't see many women in Dallas with items like that. The house we went to was not even close to being safe. The yard was filled with trash and rusty pieces of metal. I would never let Coco or even my half brothers play in the yard. 

As for Courtney's date with Mark, I have to say, if it doesn't work out, can I have him? 

Courtney I have to take your advice, exes are an example of what you don't need. The best line I have heard from the whole episode.

Dinner with Cody… His moving to New York was a shock. Every time things get going with him, something gets in the way. Having him leave was tough, because I do love him. My heart sank when I heard the news. Look, I don't want Cody to go to New York, but I can't tell him not to go. I know this means a lot to him. Going to school in New York is his dream. 

That is all I have for this week. TTYL! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter @drewginsburg.



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Who Run the World

Neill talks about her band's debut and being a single mother.

Hello there, beautiful people! Lots of love, love, love to you all! Thanks for hanging in with us here through all these episodes… Who'd have known everything would turn out the way it did? The good news is I believe everything happens for a reason. 

As far as this final episode goes, I don't have too much to say. I believe the majority of the episode speaks for itself… it was nice, funny, awkward, charming, and in the end, my band got to play! I was very happy we got some of that on the last episode. I love how they showed us (my band, Kitty LaLa) playing the song "Come Home With Me" as Matt and Courtney had an intimate stare/gaze-into-my-eyes-before-we-kiss moment... Hey, that's what I write for, moments like that!  

Anyway, the show was a success, and to conclude it all, I've got to give you a bit of my "behind the scenes/is it time to pull my hair out/what did I just do" inside scoop!

1. Filming a reality show is the most stressful job I've ever had in my life! 

2. I was writing and putting my band together as the show was being filmed… Talk about stress! Aside from the fact that I'm a new mother, that one really took the cake! Glad you all got to see a glimpse of our Dallas debut. Very proud of myself and the guys… Kitty LaLa killed it!

Thank you everyone for all of your sweet, beautiful, and encouraging words. It means a lot not only as a mother, but as a single mother finding her own path, a singer/songwriter/entrepreneur, and most importantly, a young woman coming into her own. I consider this experience as a true blessing. I see all the beauty that could've come from it along with everything in between… Thank you all for your sweet words and encouraging statements. Everyone on the show has been such a blessing to me and my son. I love all of you! 

I would love to hear from you (seriously!). You can contact me via Twitter @NeillSkylar or Facebook me (if my personal page is overloaded, just hit my fan page and I'll be sure to get back to you even quicker, hehe).

And please be sure to like my band Kitty LaLa or follow us on Twitter (preferably both) @KittyLaLaMusic! Here's our new music video, "Come Home With Me" --http://youtu.be/nYSoigfFnFE

Love you all so much! Please keep in touch! Muah! And for all those single mamas out there, let's stick together. If we can do all that we do, we might as well take over the world! All my love, heart, and soul to you all! God Bless! Once again… XOXO! 


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