Drew Ginsburg

Drew talks about his rescue mission with Tara and his heartbreak over Cody.

on Sep 19, 2011

I have to agree with Matt -- bringing a date to an event and having her flirt with someone else isn't respectful. I feel like Neill was totally inappropriate. OMG, I have to say that kiss was so awkward looking. 

I was brutally honest with Courtney at lunch. She was more excited about the fashion at DIFFA than the actual cause. DIFFA was a big honor. I like to do charity work under the radar, because I don't do it to seek acknowledgement. As for Courtney, the moment she saw me she was all buddy-buddy, but when Daylon showed up she disappeared on me. Seriously, I'm used to being shoved away like garbage. I honestly don't think Courtney was aware of the rejection and hurt I have experienced. 

Operation Beaver Snatch! (PS: I was sporting some clothes from my old Ed Hardy days.) I named it Operation Beaver Snatch to be playful. Clearly Tara does this all the time, because the girl has bolt cutters, gloves, and high heels in her car. You don't see many women in Dallas with items like that. The house we went to was not even close to being safe. The yard was filled with trash and rusty pieces of metal. I would never let Coco or even my half brothers play in the yard.