Drew Ginsburg

Drew shares what it was like watching the first episode and gives his take on the Courtney/Neill drama.

on Aug 15, 2011

I have to talk about the Neill and Courtney thing towards the end of the episode. I felt that Courtney was completely out of line to attack Neill. Neill is a single mother who is raising a child on her own. Courtney shouldn’t have just attacked her. I have known many single parents in my life, and when my parents got divorced, I was raised by a single parent. I have seen what a struggle it is for a parent to try and fill both roles for their child. I know Neill is a good mom trying her best to do just that for her son, Major. All parents, single or married, need a break from their responsibilities. When Courtney attacked her, I felt a little ashamed to be friends with her. Her attack was very closed-minded. I also feel like when Courtney is confronted, she has this incredible gift to cry on a dime. I think she uses this as a way to deflect attention from her inappropriate actions and make the other person feel guilty.

Well anyway I hope you enjoy the first season of Most Eligible Dallas. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @drewginsburg.