Drew Ginsburg

Drew explains his relationship with Cody, his family, and Courtney.

on Sep 5, 2011

First of all, so much happened in Episode 4. It’s going to be hard for me to cover everything. Let me start of by talking about Cody. Cody is my ex boyfriend. In my eyes he is an incredible guy. I love Cody. He is a man who taught me so much and is passionate about everything he does. He is important to me, and he holds special place in my heart.

Let me talk about the brunch scene. Yes, I’m an alcoholic. I have been sober for over six years. For me, not drinking is the foundation of everything I have worked for in life. If I drink, I will lose it all, and more importantly, I don’t know if I will make it back alive.

Family brunch! Yes, I have a big family and I’m the oldest member of my family. I love my family dearly. They stuck by me when I was considered a lost cause. At the brunch you saw my little brothers, Jonathan and William. They are so adorable! Gina is my dad’s wife, but I don’t look at her as my stepmother. This not because I don’t like her, but because in my mind I have one mom, and Gina is only two years older than me. It’s weird for me. Everyone in my family is happy, and that is what matters most.