Episode 8:'s Assistant Editor breathes a sigh of relief now that Matt and Courtney are a thing.

Ahhh... That is my sigh of relief after receiving the perfect ending to this season. But more on that later. To start things off right (and help sum up the Dallas experience), please take a moment to enjoy this montage video of some of Courtney's best "list" moments:

Good times. Now on to our final week round of lessons from the Big D.

DO: Treat Yo Self!

Dallas divas always need to keep themselves up and shouldn't be afraid to try new, salt-laden treatments. Courtney and Tara had themselves a nice float in a salt bath, which was supposed their buoyancy? I forget exactly what the benefits were of this treatment, but I do know that they insisted on taking a bottle of wine in with them. Ladies after my own heart, truly. And I know that the super salty water keeps you afloat, but did there was only about an inch of water in that tank. Did that seem awkward to anyone else?

PS: Do not get frisky in the salt bath. As Courtney pointed out, you would not want to be the person who got burned the first time.

DO: Determine whether you're in the friend zone or the bone zone

As much as I enjoy lady time at the spa, the listening to the guys bro out is really equally amusing. Glenn's not fooled by Matt's "we're-just-friends-but-I'm-taking-her-on-a-romantic-getaway" spiel (and rightly so) and tries to get Matt to admit that he's heading to the bone zone with Courtney. Personally I've always been a fan of pound town, but the bone zone works here as well.

DO: Bring the Porsche for potential break-up situations

Well Drew messed up and unfortunately suffered the consequences when Cody basically told him to get out of his life. Rough break. However Drew clearly thought ahead when he drove his Porsche to the restaurant, thus allowing him to meet up with Tara and Daylon as soon as possible afterward. I imagine they then zipped over to the video store to rent a sad movie and pick up some healing junk food. DO: Be sure to procure the perfect performance outfit

I liked the look Neill finally settled on for the Dallas debut of her band, Kitty Lala. However I was kind of digging that billowy prairie dress. Who wouldn't want to rock that Little House on the Prairie vibe? Also glad she avoided the cheerleader skirt, because that could have fallen into Toni Basil territory.

DON'T: Go horseback riding without applying a healthy amount of hairspray

This is Dallas after all, come on!

DON'T: Think you're going to win over a Dallas girl just by riding a horse

Sorry, Matt, Courtney wasn't exactly swooning over the whole urban cowboy thing. Next time try having a glass of wine for her if you're looking to score some extra points. DON'T: Bring a girl to a gas station for dinner

Sure the restaurant Jody took Tara to was one of those kitschy, fun little places that's a secret gem. But even if it was one of the most amazing culinary experiences ever, you'll still always be known as that guy that took her to a gas station for dinner among all her friends. And that's just never good.

DON'T: Eat smores with someone you're possibly trying to seduce

The idea of making smores seemed cute and romantic, but when Matt and Courtney actually tried to eat them it just looked...really un-sexy. It was just kind of messy in a bad way.

DO: Date your best friend

Matt's relationship advice from his parents to date your best friend seems pretty solid. And it looks as if it's working out for him...DON'T: Think you're not going to hook up with someone when you're in a hot tub on an intimate weekend getaway 

FINALLY! All it took was a mini-vacation, a day of horseback riding, impromptu fireworks, and a hot tub. DON'T: Try and conceal your new relationship with a friend from all of your mutual friends

I mean everyone has been trying to get Matt and Courtney together (probably for years). When you're acting all touchy-feely at a dinner, you're friends are going to pick up on it. I mean you wouldn't even have to be friends with Matt and Courtney to tell that they were dating. It also doesn't help that Courtney has absolutely no poker face.

DO: Mention to the person you're dating that you're still married

Kind of an important detail there, Jody.

The Rules According to Courtney

Episode 7:'s Assistant Editor was pumped about all the Courtney wisdom this week.

In case you missed it this week, Courtney had not one, not two, but three separate Courtney rants this week. For this reason alone you should watch the episode for her various tips and general wisdom. But if you're in a rush or are simply just dying to read my recap, then by all means continue on for your weekly dose of Dallas dos and don'ts. 

DON'T: Listen to an ex

We finally got to meet one of Tara's ex-fiancés, and I think it's clear she definitely has a type. While rock climbing (not exactly Tara's cup of tea, but at least she's a good sport), her ex tells her that she's wasting her time with Jody. I have to agree with Tara on this one, exes should not weigh in on your current dating life. It's awkward, and I think it's impossible to take that criticism well from an ex. Maybe from a good friend, but definitely not an ex. 

DON'T: Lead on a single mother

Call me crazy, but wasn't Matt just thinking about getting serious with Neill? Well in any event, if he's having second thoughts, it's definitely better he pulls out now. But it does leave us all to wonder what sparked this sudden change of heart. Has Matt realized there's someone else he has feelings for…

DON'T: Open an envelope labeled "rattlesnake eggs"

Oh, Courtney… Really? 

DON'T: Do long distance if you aren't ready

Hats off to Glenn, because he seems to have a pretty mature outlook about his relationship with Rebecca. He knows he cannot commit to long distance, and he's not going to agree to it just to keep her off the market in San Francisco. It's a risk he's prepared to deal with. If they can find a way to make it work in the future, they will, but for now it is what it is. Something tells me these two can make it work. 

DO: Try and have a memorable good bye

When you're dating someone and they have to move away, you want to make a memorable final impression. Generally I would think that involves a sexy outfit and a fancy dinner. Courtney opted for "cooking" toast and pouring some wine for her South African -– to each their own I suppose. And thus she sends him off on his six-week sojourn.

Now is it just me, or is six weeks really not that long? It's unfortunate timing, but he lives in Dallas, so he'll be back. This leads me to believe that it all may be a convenient excuse for Courtney to start seeing someone else…

DON'T: Tell someone you're not in their league

It never strikes me as a good idea to be too self-deprecating with someone you're dating, a la Jody saying he's not in Tara's league. While the goal seemingly is to have the other person affirm that this is in fact not the case, you also run the risk of them thinking, "Hey, you know what? This guy really isn't in my league, what was I thinking?" Dangerous territory. 

DON'T: Make out with someone in front of the guy you actually want to get with

Drew, Drew, Drew… What exactly was he thinking when he made out with someone right in front of Cody? Maybe out of frustration about Cody moving to New York he went in for a kiss with this guy in the heat of the moment to make Cody jealous. Or perhaps it was just temporary insanity. Either way, bad move. I'm guessing Cody just moved up his flight to New York.

DO: Have a pool party to relieve stress

Because what better way to forget about all of your responsibilities than to have half the girls in Dallas running around half naked? Which brings us to our next point…

DON'T: Wear a bikini and high heels

Hands down this was Courtney's best rant yet. I was completely on board, because I would assume someone standing around in a bikini and heels was the entertainment, not a guest. And I was cracking up when she explained that because she was wearing a cover up over her bikini, it bought her a wedge, but only a wedge, not a full heel. I love the rules according to Courtney.

DON'T: Only talk about where you got your sunglasses

You'll notice that the girl trying to woo Glenn with the gripping tale of where she purchased her sunglasses was wearing a bikini and heels. Previous point proved.

DON'T: Bring up another friend while you're breaking up with someone

Real smooth, Matt. Just throw Courtney under the bus some more with Neill. Trying to explain the whole "perception is reality" theory was just not going to help this awkward breakup-but-not-a-breakup-because-they-weren't-officially-dating moment.

DO: Make a fashionably late entrance

I don't know about you, but the buildup of stress around Courtney being late to Matt's gala was crazy tense! I kind of wanted to reach through the screen, shake her, and shout, "Just throw something on and get there!" But after so much to do, she made it in time and made quite an entrance. Matt's face was definitely saying, "Dayum!" Maybe it was part of her scheme, but it paid off. So much so that she scored an invite for an intimate getaway. Will it be the moment we've all been waiting for?!

Well all I can say is if horseback riding in the countryside doesn't lead to romance, then I don't know what will.