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For Whom the Belle Tolls

Episode 4:'s Assistant Editor learned a lot during Courtney's etiquette lesson.

So many charity events, so little time! Will all the good karma they've racked up help our singles find love? Let's see what lessons they can give us while they're giving back.

DO: Be a Southern belle

Dallas is all about tradition. And, as Courtney points out, that tradition means that your childhood likely will include pageants, cheer leading, and big hair. The intense training on the path to becoming a lady is laden with useful tips as we learned from Courtney and Tara's lunch -- A fork goes on the left because it has four letters and the knife and spoon go on the right they have five letters.

DO: Get involved in charity work

In Dallas charity work extends way beyond the volunteer hours you had to rack up to be in honor society in high school. All eligible singles seem to be giving back in some way, whether it be taking off your shirt at last week's bachelor auction, throwing '70s themed fundraiser fetes, or donating to great causes like DIFFA.

DON'T: Be ashamed to go bald

As Glenn says, "I'm not going bald, I'm just getting more head."

DO: Have a roof

A guy's best wingman? A rooftop with a view. Rather than sound sleazy by inviting ladies to his boudoir for some alone time, Glenn prefers to take girls up to the roof to see the view of Dallas. The romantic setting only helps increase the likelihood of romantic success. I guess Matt is just a close second in the wingman rankings.

DO: Be close with your family

How cute is Drew with his family? It's so endearing that they're tight knit. And what better way to woo your ex than having him come over to watch you play with adorable little children?

DON'T: Limit yourself to dating one person at a time

We think Courtney may be right, there are just some player genes in the Nordgren family. Matt's grandmother (how cute was she?) is currently being courted by four men. I think she should be holding seminars to share the secret of her success with the rest of the Most Eligible crew.

DON'T: Decorate your gun with bright pink crystals

Either use clear crystals or just get a bright pink gun, but bright pink crystals are just too much. I guess we know what Tara wants for Christmas this year.

DON'T: Ignore the man of honor at a charity event

Drew felt a little neglected by Courtney during the DIFFA event. He seems to think that she's only concerned with her "gubby" Daylon and isn't being supportive of Drew. Courtney was pretty caught off guard by his accusations though. Will she be able to find room for two gay husbands in her life?