Glenn Pakulak

Glenn reveals that he's always been a big flirt and explains the difference between his and Matt's approach to women.

on Aug 15, 2011

Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the season premiere of Most Eligible Dallas and that my crazy antics brought some laughs to your Monday night.  

This episode was especially fun for me, because you get to know a little bit about each of us. I think it's pretty obvious that I try and enjoy life as it comes, be honest, make people laugh, and I love to flirt. (I wasn't class flirt in high school for nothing!) 

When we all went to dinner and Matt brought Neill for us to meet, my eyes were pleasantly surprised -- she is a doll. I love Courtney to death, but I didn't think it was fair for her to give Neill such a hard time right off the bat for being out with us on a weeknight just because she has a son. I completely agree with Courtney that your child should be your number one priority obviously, but that being said, just because you have a child shouldn't mean your social life is over, especially if you have a wonderful support staff to help you with your child like the grandparents. So that's why I was showing Courtney some tough love at dinner.